Those lucky souls in Sydney who are able to make it to the very beautiful (and well monikered) allhandmade gallery can catch sight of The Jug Show until May 22. We at hml headquarters will have to be content with our own collections. Particularly loved is the blue corningware polka dot number Beck gave Ramona for xmas ('I never saw a jug that was so you!' she said - I get the blues and I have freckles so I guess she was right there!)
And the Hermie Cornelisse makes the best gravy boat ever. Do gravy boats count as jugs?


pen said...

I, too, love jugs but adore gravy-boats beyond all. Strange as I'm not a huge lover of gravy....actually that's not true.....I just can't stand my mother's GRAVOX....shudder....

handmadelife said...

ah penny another reason we love you, having both also suffered at the hand of the "convenience" sachet fueled childhood diet.
let me just say however that I (beck) also suffered a Deb phase...
enough said.

shula said...

Pen needs to come to our house and eat gravy.

She would change her mind.

And gravy boats do count.

Though I don't actually own one. I am obliged to use a measuring jug.

pen said...

strangely we didn't have that much of the packet-food-childhood, the mother actually could make very good gravy when she set her mind to it, but everyone in my family except me just still loves the gravox...... sorry to share this with you
(i too had a fascination for the deb, wasn't allowed to have it, was warned it would be disgusting- it was- also surprise peas...to this day I don't know why....)
and shula rest easy, having been a chef once I can do a mighty fine jus/gravy, I just hear the word gravy and think gravox and run screaming! it's a family thing
ps i have a beautiful vintage gravy boat in a mauvey-pink, cream on the inside, owned it for 20 years + and adore it (and all my other jugs too)

annadee said...

all beautiful, of course. And Ramona, I didn't know you suffered the blues! I was link cruising and came across this via Shula, it made me feel a bit better about when my own black dog comes to visit. It's nice to know there's a reason for it and without it, we might be without creativity. Heaven forbid. And Hi Pen, I've been enjoying your blog too.

Anonymous said...

Our dear Annadee - we are missing you and thinking of you. The black dog is a constant companion for many of us I suspect. Thank god for the workbenchthat's all I can say. Hurry home and tell us all your travel tales!