top secret location


Some times you get an invitation so beautiful that it takes your breath away. This one landed in our email. Opeing this thursday at Blindside Drips and Thickets is the work of two Brisbane based artists Kirra Jamison and Alice Lang. You all know how much we love owls...

Blindside is up on level 7 of the Nicholas Building and is open 12-6 Thursday to Saturday. When we go we are going to knock loudly on the studio door of...

OK so we know that this chap is having a show opening this week. Yes Tim Fleming (or flemo as we so condescendingly call him on occasion) is finally goin' solo with a big big show in a big big space in Collingwood. In Easy Street. We have no idea where or when exactly. it's not that he's playing it cool, it's just the ladies of hml aren't in on the details yet. More info when it comes to hand.

flemo call us.

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