bricks are heavy


We were gobsmacked as we walked up to the NGV on Wednesday our hearts always skip a beat at the waterwall, but this time it we were literally stopped in our tracks. We were confronted with a dreamy melting landscape of white city like a shimmering 3D chinese papercut and when we got inside the view was just as lovely. There they all were, peeps of all shapes and sizes busily building.

We were excited about the prospect of creating our own HML inclusion but undecided on our final design so decided to head straight for the members lounge and engage in some sketching over a cuppa. We were a little weirded out by the fact that everyone was sticking to buildings, we thought there might be some big cars, dumptrucks, names, at least one 'rude bit' and giant godzilla like creatures preparing to smash up the lego landscape like a b-grade movie, but no... all buildings, really beautiful willowy buildings, but still ALL buildings.

Anyway as you'd expect we ended up spending more time chatting than planning and by the time we emerged from the members cocoon the whole thing was full of kids and clearly we were no longer a chance... probably lucky really, after all the free caffeine and sugary biscuits we'd consumed who knows what kind of chaos we may have unleashed...


ChiliLady said...

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This would be nice!

Shula said...

Y'know, I bet that if the first person to build had made an apple, or a banana, the space would be bearing a strong resemblance to Vic Market by now.

Isn't it funny, the way people follow each other?

Marvellous idea, this exhibition. Gives me heart, it does.

handmadelife said...

There was a real collective town planning thing going on with the piece. We were expecting chaos instead it was very quiet very ordered, and folks were quite dedicated to contributing in a beautiful and masterful way. It was great craft.

Kirsten said...

ooo, i love it! i must go see it with my 4 year old son. perfect. thanks for the tip.