Where for art thou

Ok so while we are waiting on the details of Fleming's show (today we promise) we ran around hml hq and found some vintage Flatland - the world that Tim created and that many of us occupy alot of the time.

For some reason the youngest member of hml sometime around the age of 9 became obsessed with all things dairy...this was a special commision that now sits up high in a very white kitchen:

This little forrest gets moved around the house quite a bit. Sometimes lego men can be found trimming the hedge...
We are pretty sure this is Tim. He wont confirm or deny. He's elusive isn't he...

we also found our Flatland safari scene... a favourite gazing distraction in the studio

and the Flatland championship fire brigade playset
and the newest and most highly prized piece in Beck's collection, the freshly minted 'norwegian wood' mirrored mayhem masterpiece...

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