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While away in sunny Queensland over the holiday break one hml editor found time to trawl the local op shops in search of some quality craft. and boy did she find it! while there was a collection of the usual wooden pineapple bowls, landscape tapestry pictures, ceramic horses, aprons, 70's mugs and bead bags, the best find was this ancient pirate toy.

Resplendent in his stripey shirt (a perennial hml favourite) and sporting a truly inspired co-ordinating neck and head scarf we realised what dapper chaps Pirates were. Now Johnny Depp may have famously said that pirates were the original rock stars, but we at hml will take it one step step further we say not just rock stars but the original hip-hoppin gangsters... which begs the question, if pirates had a choice, what kind of sneakers would they be sportin?


Zedd said...


pen pen said...

Yo ho ho!
He's gorgeous! I think in the spirit of the last week of Francophilia that he must be a French pirate ( la corsair) that would explain the reversed skull and cross-bones.
HML girls- I've been cleaning out what was once the workroom at home and have stumbled across 2 big bags of felted knitted remnants, great for toys etc. Do you want? Lots of other stuff...... Help!

shula said...

Top left sneakers from selection below. Stylish, but with good ankle support for all that leapin' about and swashbuckling.

Pirates are nothing if not pragmatic.


Beck said...

avast me hearties... for a while i thought that the old school adidas rome would have fitted the bill, seeing as they were my dad's favourite fishing shoe throughout the seventies... that said, shula i think you are onto something, and i'm thinking the black air jordans would fit the bill perfectly... the slam dunk and swashbuckle have much in common.
miss penpen... any bag full o' goodies from your studio is always welcome at hml headquarters!!!

Florence said...

What a great find. I love how the skull and cross bones are the wrong way around and the little skull seems to be smiling sweetly.