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SHOW OF THE WEEK Sneakers:Classics to Customs

Until the Craft year kicks into gear hml is catching up with shows,films,cafes and shops that we just never get time for. Being kids of the 70's we always had a passion for our Dunlop Volleys and later got to step it up a notch with the Converse Allstars that went oh so well with our BMX tbars (well maybe in our dreams) and now with a second generation sneaker freak in the hml team we will no doubt get a kick out of this 300 odd collection on show at the NGV. Sweatshop politics, consumerism and free trade issues are pushed to the back of our guilty hearts as we salivate over Phillipe Stark's Pumas and Mark Newson's Nikes. lush stylin, purty colours, and sub culture street cred make the sneaker the ubiquitous definition of cool.
So brush off those Air Jordans (or in our case banana yellow Chucks) and check it out

show runs til July - plenty of time.


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