Sneaker Pimp

Back in the day Simon Wood sported a fetching mix of gazelles, vans and connies as he pumped out the student newspaper at RMIT engaging in dubious activities in the bromide room and as el presidente of the SRC championed the right to protest against HECS increases (yes in the dark ages we didn't pay to go to university it was FREE!!) Who could have guessed back then that young idealistic young man harboured a secret addiction that would soon consume him.

There are many peeps today who now boast large unwieldy collections of sneakers, started way back when they was shorties, and some big name hip-hoppers have been known to engage local builders to add whole annexes their homes in order to house said collections. It's a disease, we've all had it here at hml and can still be found waxing nostalgically about our first pair of onitsuka tigers or Adidas super modifieds with the big shell toe, even now the youngest member of hml is deliberating over the next addition to her collection of chucks. Simon (aka Woody)decided to marry his journalistic skills with his addiction and created SNEAKER FREAKER magazine, and let's face it every community needs a voice... What started as a small underground publication has grown into an international phenomenon sold in 25 countries and all this out of dodgy old smith street....
the website ain't half bad neither.

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