cut that out!


All this talk of food is making us hungry! The ladies of hml have turned their minds to xmas cookies a la Martha - nothing tells the mailman/teacher/neighbor/landlord/and in Ramona's case Video Guy (thanks for getting in season 2 of Battlestar Gallactica!) Seasons Greetings more than a little bag of shortbread. You know our intentions are good but we may be buying the old Walkers petticoats squares December 24 like everyone else. In the meantime check out just part of the extensive staff room collection of cookie cutters.

We love their simple sillhouette shapes and have a particular fondness the the Hang Ten foot cookie (insert foot in mouth joke here). You can also see some of our Easter cookies here - just to prove that we do actually bake on occasion (well annually at least...)


Shula said...

Impressive collection, but I have to smugly inform you that, being the missing link in hml, I have....the hand.

A few years ago, I got too sick to care for Mym, and so my Significant Other took over lunch detail (and everything else). For 6 months, Mym's sandwiches were cut into increasingly bizarre but interesting shapes with, you guessed it, cookie cutters, which he would buy from Port Phillip Arcade on his way home from work.

While some have gone walkabout over time, I still have a pretty good collection, and, to this day, people still talk about those lunches.

It was a hard act to follow, let me tell you.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, I have....the kangaroo

Shula said...

Woohoo! A third player enters!

I do NOT have a kangaroo.


Anonymous said...

But I'd give anything for the pineapple

handmadelife said...

all right ladies the race has begun!!!
first to find the elusive pineapple wins bragging rights and a batch of pineapple shortbread cookies...

Anonymous said...

You're on!

I promise not the cheat by making one!