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Nibbles by Lucy Folk
Regular readers of HML will know we have a penchant for jewelry and a passion for food.We like both to be robust, delicious, inclusive and inviting. All these words can be said to describe the work of Melbourne based jeweler Lucy Folk. A member of the Pieces of Eight stable of stars Folk's new work evoke sensory memories of chowing down on burgers, popcorn and pretzels, cheese and crackers and some silvery sardines.
Incorporating such craft skills as whittling, crochet and carving as well as screenprinting on a series of teatowels and napkins, Folk has gone all out with this spread of treats. All we need now is a good shiraz and our sense of humour before deciding on the cracker necklace or the pretzel brooch...

Pieces of Eight 635 Brunswick Street North Fitzroy

Nibbles by Lucy Folk runs from November 10 to December 2


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

great to see some constructive whittling in arts- most impressive for log ladies i am sure.

i'm doing a nautical week this week on rebecca-the-wrecker because i'd much rather be at the beach than cutting up bits of vinyl, beading and writing press releases!

handmadelife said...

ha! well hello sailor...we can certainly understand that decision making process and everyone looks good in a stripey top and capris.

Florence said...

I really liked her wood pieces and the peanuts necklace was very amusing too.