Lights up!

It’s Official. Limited edition jewelry pieces from Iggy and Lou Lou are now available online as they swing open the velvet curtain on their new and beautiful website.

The best of three collections featured:

Last Romance in Paris
The dueling pistols of Onegin, the everlasting love of Wuthering Heights, the mysterious shadows of Film Noir, The poetry of eighteenth century Paris. Romance has always meant high drama for love lost and found.

Ships in the Night
Unchartered waters hold many mysteries. Let the stars be your guide as you navigate
to lands beyond these shores.

Friends of the Forest
One must be stout of heart to enter the forest. Be brave little one and the trees will protect you. Wear your talismans to guard you against the shadows.

Irresistable. And just a fine example of how a website can really showcase a makers work. Always remember crafties that everyone loves a story!



ma roulotte said...

great website (i am a big fan of their work!). thanks for the link!

Liana said...

Also a fan!
Congrats Irene.