know your Amitabh


Well it's the Nova's Bollywood festival once again, a time when we put our dislike of that particular cinema aside and gleefully munch our way through over three hours of glitz, glamour, tears, drama, dancing, singing, arms thrown outstretched on mountain hillsides and saris in snowscapes... oh yes. We know there are other Indian cinema genres, and we we're the first in line for all manner of weird and wonderful subcontinental versions of hit American movies like the fast and the furious (see Sanjay Gadhvi's Dhoom) , as well as serious social commentaries like Deepa Mehta's trilogy Fire, Earth and Water.

BUT at this hectic time of year when we all want a holiday and Christmas is just too far away nothing beats a choc top fueled excursion into the bejewelled and kajoled eyes of Rani, Kareena, Priety and Aish, not too mention the trembling lips of the Rukh, the nimble hips of Roshan, the long limbed cool of the baby Bachchan or indeed the overbuffed upper arms of funnyman Saif...

It's with the promise of all this and more we could look no further than the all too generous gift from fellow crafter, blogger, songstress of twang and ruhk lover Shula for our craft find of the week...

our very own Amitabh.

We know he's made of plastic, but check out the shirt and jacket lapel detail and tell us that doesn't bear the signs of an incredibly skilled but sadly overworked and underpaid seamstress.

So we'd like to salute Shula, Amitabh and the unknown machinist that gave us this magnificent 'Living Legend'.
the Bollywood festival guide can be found at Cinema Nova
see you there, we'll be the ones with the samosas...

1 comment:

shula said...


Thought I knew him from somewhere.

See you at the release of Don.

I can't wait.

Are you guys signing up for the extras cast in the new Sharukh film being shot in Melbourne?

We sure are. If they need a 42 year old white woman... I'M THERE!!!

Will blog it tonight.