they're crafty and they're just our type


want to feel your brain slowly melt from idea overload? then you have two immediate options,
head straight to the newstands for the first issue of the new CRAFTZINE magazine, or get online and get on board the...

CRAFTZINE BLOG one of our alltime favourites, where we have learnt important things like how to make a wedding dress from cream puffs, create a laptop case from old pants or make home-made halloween costumes for your pets (see Rover above). We are very very excited that this new magazine will soon be hitting the shelves. Especially as the premiere issue promises 23 projects with a twist! "Embroider your skateboard, light up your clothing, felt an iPod cocoon, knit your own boots, stitch a robot, and more!"

sounds right up our alley...

Oh, and a word of thanks to garage sailor, uberjeweller, wooden pineapple collector and handmade life reader Annadee for the heads up on the craftzine origami rubiks cube, now that's some seriously clever folding.

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queen of light and joy said...

I just signed up to get the this magazine. I also go in on the sigh-up-before-oct-and-get-a-free-t-shirt thing. I can't wait.