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Dylan Martorell, you may know him from such shopping ventures as Sasquatch and Outskirts t-shirt Gallery, you may have seen him perform feats of sound bending magic with fellow pencil /vinyl geek Nathan Gray, as 'Snawkler', you may have happened upon his otherworldly illustrated t-shirts at Craft Victoria, Corky St.Clair or one of the Fat stores, you might have even seen him and his band of merry pranksters 'Hi-Gods' supporting Sonic Youth this year...

What, you've never heard of him. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!

Quick! you can catch up by visiting his latest exhibition INFINIGHTS at Someday Gallery. Enter a Doctor Who meets Parliament inspired collection of musical costumes, instruments and sound sculptures, alongside a magnificent collection of limited edition prints that expose the secret lives and rituals of animals, there's even a set of viewfinders and promises of live performances. What a package deal!

Dylan has also set up a studio in the gallery where he'll be creating weird sounds, weirder drawings and reconfiguring discarded and unlikely objects like a mad professor in his lab. He may even get some of the gear on for an impromptu gig.

Pop in and say Hi, he's a helluva nice fella.

Someday Gallery, level 3 Curtain House, 252 Swanston street. City
October 15-29, noon - 7pm Wednesday to Saturday, noon - 5pm Sunday.

Can't make it into the city, away on holidays, live in another country/state?
visit Dylans website site hiddenarchive or blog for your own virtual tour

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