could there be more to do?


trying to fit everything in, for example between now and next week we want to see...

Poliform is celebrating the State of Design with an exhibition by Melbourne artist Nicholas Jones. They say "Exploring the extraordinary possibilities of paper, Jones creates landscapes and triumphant sculptural pieces that are tactile, romantic gestures grounded inreal craftsmanship. Every piece is handcrafted with intricate care, each with its own visual language inspired by a literary past and presenting a new way to enjoy the beauty of the book."
We say: Nick is the sharpest dressed bibliopath we know, and what he can do with a scalpel would make even Tim Burton proud... well worth the price of admission.
4-14 October Poliform Melbourne 650 Church Street Richmond Vic 03 8420 0800

A showroom of custom rugs made by Tsar in collaboration with Johanna Preston of Preston Zly, artist Ross Cleland, product designer Marc Pascal, and Cindy-Lee Davies, sounds like a delight.
They say: "Pascal's emotive and tactile play with colour, Preston's love of experimentation with material, Cleland's sense for harmony and calmness, and Davies' tongue-incheek use of materials are translated into lush woollen tapestries, crafted by Tsar." Apparently it's "A show not to be missed."
Who are we to argue.
4-14 October Tsar, 3 Wellington Street, St. Kilda

This one features Gregory Bonasera, Nick Rennie, Jo Wilson, Lightly, Soren Luckins, Happy Finish Design, Spacecraft, Cloud and the people from Zaishu etc etc etc etc...and all in the beautiful surrounds of "one of Melbourne's premier shopping locations" the gpo building. Presented by lab 3000 it also features the unwired light garden - "a place of goldfish pondcasts and tricklin newsfeeds, video chatting flora and hyperlinked trees". Enuff said.

These three are on for free, and as they take place in deluxe showrooms, inadvertantly include shopping . So really it shouldn't hurt too much trying to fit them in...

as long as we leave the credit cards at home.

We'd also like to make it to the "Perils and Pleasures of Self Publishing" forum for reasons that are self evident, but given the essential bookings required and the demands on our weekends by essential family members we probably wont. If anyone else manages to get there please word us up.
Saturday 07 october 4.15pm – 6.30pm
Casey Plaza, Building 10.4.27, RMIT University, Swanston Street, Melbourne

I'd like to make it to see An Inconvenient Truth this weekend, and both Ramona and I are hankering (especially after Ramona's ritual 583 plus viewings of the trailer) to see Little Miss Sunshine as well, so it looks like it's going to be one hell of a busy one again next week.

Is anyone else having this problem?

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