mighty morphe in power rangers


We made it! Those of you in sunny Adelaide this week should wiggle your way to Croydon to see our insane alphabet making an appearance at Morphe 2. Regular readers will know what an epic job it was and how gald we were to post it ot the the lovely Carly in SA! If you trundle over to the website you can click on the links of all other participants - far more accomplished than us generally speaking! But the one thing you can say is - our alphabet is funny lookin - in a good way!
nest studio

Poor souls that we are unable to travel South (even just to Adelaide - which is more west really...) we will be content with the opening of the Third Drawer Down extravaganza You Watch, I'll Dry at the National Design Centre tomorrow night. It's about time this art project/domestic tea towel range were seen for what they really are - objects of beauty and desire - where function meets fun. Congratulations go out to teatowelologist and curator Abigail Crompton - inspiration to us all.


handmadelife said...

we'd also like to send out congratulations to everyone else who made it into Morphe 2 and to Carly for organising such a great exhibition... cheers everyone!

shula said...

and my dolls arrived just in time.


I was starting to feel seriously ill.

handmadelife said...

oh thank god! We are thrilled to hear that Shula! the post can really mess with yer head and heart somedays