Making a list and checking it... Twice


Well we initially made a decision not to make anything this week except out of the urban jungle and out into the fabulously faux bushlands at Heidi...

We also made ourselves extremely bloated on Devonshire tea and the extra cups of coffee that we couldn't resist when we saw the array of spoons that accompanied the arty barista swirls on top of our cups while we were out there.

We made it to the launch of three (and counting) openings of design festival related events with another one to attend tomorrow night.

We also respectively made our delivery deadlines, hairdressing and osteo appointments, beds, breakfasts, numerous pots of tea and our families dinners.

So you can see we really did make a lot this week.

Next week we're making actual three dimensional things that we can photograph and amaze you with...

Much more exciting than this list we made really.


shula said...

that is one gorgeous looking coffee.

How is it that the punters don't pinch the spoons?

Or are they truly such a cultured lot?

Not in my experience.

I almost got into a punch up over a parking space at Heidi last time I was there.

In a cultured sort of way, of course.

Ramona said...

you know Shula it can get a bit hoity toity at heide. but remember, always remember, it was started by a bunch of crazy bohemians who just wanted to read and paint and grow vegetables and hang out together. Sunday Reed would have welcomed you to her table.
The coffee was amazing I have to admit. And my cards are now instore which is so exciting!
Skinny Latte be damned! Viva Heide!