To be honest with you it feels like weeks since we put up a really good Thursday section. We may as well have renamed it 'we made it ourselve five years ago'. It's always a surprise when you consider yourself such maker to come to the end of yet another week without having made anything except maybe a cup of tea.
But something has happened to the ladies of hml this past few days. Could it be the excitement of getting ready for our big christmas show at 45 Downstairs or our DIY Christmas course at the CAE? Perhaps it's a plans for travel to NYC next year or maybe it's just that few days of glorious spring weather.
We thought we'd start making something.

Something big and bright and fun and easy.

potatoes, fabric, paint and one afternoon. And this first 12 metres is just the beginning...

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shula said...


You crafty sheilas put me to shame.

What sort of paint did you use?