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Cindy Sherman is one of those artists. You know the ones. The kind of artist that if you say to someone you just met that you love their work and they get all excited and say they love it too you know you are going to be firm friends from that day forward.
Photographer, filmmaker, director and all round art star Cindy Sherman is most famous for her ongoing series of portraits. We hesitate to call them self portraits even though Sherman does in fact 'star' in them. They are more like film stills, character studies, short stories. Sherman plays the dual role of muse and artist. The images sway from encredibly beautiful to downright disturbing.
Her website is really comprehensive and a great primer for the unititiated.
Beck and I were talking about her yesterday and both of us had taped the same documentary off the tv back in 1996 and both tapes have since disintergrated from overuse. We thought you needed to know about her.

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Liana said...

She is super duper.

Flicking through her book (Cindy Sherman 1975 - 1993) right now.
Why haven't I checked out her site sooner??