postcard from the edge


Self Portraits... It can become hypnotic. Watching the Flickr page of the self portrait Tuesday group is like turning the pages of some weird human family album. There are nearly 6000 photos and so you can go into a wee bit of a trance - but it is quite beguiling. We spend most of our flickr time looking at things people made and stressing out that we aren't making enough ourselves.

Sometimes it's nice just to look out of the computer and see the crowd. Those of us that spend inordinate amounts of time noodling around on the computer. Finally we get the feeling the internet is being used for what we always hoped - community, inspiration, support, information and fun.

We become so obsessed with objects that sometimes we lose sight of the fact there are people behind them. And we look at craft as a kind of self portrait anyway. That's why you don't see lots of phots of us on hml. Well that's not wholly true - we just don't like photos of us really. As you can see by the above staff pic we are quite goofy lookin! So we though you might like some more 'craft self portraits' below.

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Yasser said...

sometimes i wonder too how much time i spend online in the community where any form or object can becom in a way a self-portrait.