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This week sees the official launch of the Melbourne Fringe Festival here in Melbourne. What does that mean for the ladies of HML? Lots of running around trying to cram ten exhibitions into one day (we've done it before and we can do it again). There are 39 visual arts events in the programme and some of them are definitely of the crafty persuasion.

High on our list in the coming weeks will be Fringe Furniture at Melbourne Museum. The theme this year is 'Go For Baroque!" - cheesy we know, and very 'fringe'. We'll also toodle down to Fed Square for 'Material World' -

"A strange house sits on the pavement of Federation Square; as if it has simply landed in this environment of harsh edges, from another place. It is colourful, eccentric and reminiscent of the gingerbread cottages of fairy tales. On closer inspection, the detail becomes clear… The house is constructed of thousands of objects and items of clothing. This ësoft' and personal collection is sucked into a time-preserving plastic that holds it to the walls"

And of course we will be scoffing down cold ones at the Lithuanian Club and marvelling at the wonderful creatures of Beck Wheeler in her new show Get Stuffed -
Skepsi on Swanston is also getting in on the Fringe with a great show by wonderous ceramic artist Janet Korakas. If you haven't seen her work it is a real treat -

And if the Fringe aint enough for ya then get to Span Gallery for new work by WA textile artist Holly Story - genius.

We'll let you all know more in the coming weeks as we do the rounds and we'll post pics for our beloved interstate/national readers

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2006

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Zedd said...

So much to see, so little time! Don't forget to see Picturesque as well: http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/season/2006/show/98/
NMIT current and graduates, plus some well-known working ilustrators have decorated cigar boxes and Russian dolls in a carival theme... yours truly included. Do yaself a fayva!