Fringe find


The ladies of hml have been enjoying the spring weather (hayfever anyone?) and talkin' up the fringe festival. What do we think of when we think of fringe? Yes there are the obvious things - intense and insane theatre productions, wonderful collaborative efforts in artist-run spaces across the city, new musical extravaganzas in sticky carpet pubs. But we started thinking about the word 'Fringe' - how it's always 'on the edge of something'.

It was during one of these windy walks (hot air from us and from the northwest!) that we discovered this prime example of outsider souvenier craft. Now as you know we love a bit of op shoppy craft object aesthetic and maybe we are the only ones. But to be left by the side of the road seemed just cruel. Or maybe, just maybe the craft gods left it there for us. Not only were we taken with the Shell Art (Beck has quite the collection) but on closer inspection we were thrilled by the photographic vignettes circa 1978. We thought you'd enjoy our contribution to the Fringe Festival!


gracia said...

Ahh, a wonderful and lucky find... left on the side of the road you say (!), far better than the Ballarat shell house. Happy finding the perfect nook to hang this treasure.
see you, g

shula said...

Are you telling me this was in the Hard Garbage?!

Good Heavens, it seems I am living in the wrong suburb after all. Alas, working class areas tend to have working class hard garbage, I've noticed. People don't throw stuff out until it is truly and sincerely stuffed.

Nice find hml, I'm terribly impressed.

Beck said...

speaking of shell houses (and Gracia, the Ballarat one is an absolute treat no doubt) just thought i'd let you all know that there is in fact an urban version right here in our own suburb of northcote! oh yes... I'll be making a beeline for it this weekend so you can see the pics for yourself.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

bewdy! makes me want to go to surfers and visit that great zebra crossing so I can feast my eyes on those gorgeous bare-chested blokes they have down there but I'm worried it might not live up the the picture postcard image!