homer's odyssey


Well we did get a lot done this week - new teeth, new haircuts and on a craft level sorting out our new handprinted fabrics into projects to be completed.

However, when all is said and done , all we really did this week was make ourselves sick...

Let's just say that the krispy kreme donut, despite wickedly retro delicious packaging does not live up to the hype. HML would also like to report that they in no way resemble any part of the food pyramid we're currently familiar with.

As the ever sagacious Ramona said, they're not food they're drugs.


shula said...

Mym has taken your appraisal on board, but notes that she still would prefer to double check for herself.

Honestly, say the word crispy creme, and she just comes over totally Homer on me for hours. It's a great way to get her mind of something else, but leaves you wth the legacy of the CC obsession. Tough call.

Me, I'm harder to impress. Ever encounter those donut shops in New York. Look and weep..... I still dream about them....and they were ALL GOOD! I coudn't possibly live in the US, I would become the Fattest Person Ever.

Ramona said...

you know what me too. My whole life I have romanticised the food of the USA - and I know I would be shaped like the back end of a bus if I spent too much time there! you should have seen me when orios came out - I bought a litre of milk and a packet and consumed the whole thing in one hit. mind you I have never had them again...urgh
Hope didn't think much of the crispy cremes but did manage to eat three. we both now have pimples and have become even more psychotic than ever! Mym and Shula be warned

Beck said...

gotta agree, everthing tastes better in new york, even dodgy roadside cart bagels.

Beck said...
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