four times the fun

With this week being all about the craft of photography, and after our gen x reminiscing about our polaroid pasts , we decided to look to the polaroid camera of the 'new' generation and dedicate today to all things LOMO

More than just a camera, the LOMO has moved beyond shutter bug cult status and created a worldwide phenomenon, with multiple accessories to boot. It allows you to take fantastically experimental art photos at the push of a button, think fish eye, multi frame, color splash, underwater action sampler... it's so simple we can do it, you can do it, even your furry friends at home can do it.

Tomorrow we'll be trying our hand at some lomo action and joining the world lomographic society (Hey Lomo peeps... do we get a badge?) and posting our pics on the worldwide lomo archive mmm mmmm there's nothing like a plastic camera to get you snap happy...

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