all killer, no filler, vanila.


We know we promised you a selection of our best lomo moments but we've had to put our plans for an action sampler takeover on hold... for now. Instead we bring you (drumroll please ladies and gentlemen)


Currently Vanila's new exhibition TENSILE STRUTS is on show at Arc One Gallery... and people let us tell you she is the real deal. Her photographs act as portals into the world of the clinically absurd, a very welcome relief from the chaos of HML headquarters.

little rugged red rocking roof, 2004

Vanila, apart from having a most excellent name and being a kick ass photographer, was born in 1963, in Salvador, Brazil. She arrived in Australia in 1987 and "She creates photographic scenarios inspired by architecture, design and science fiction. Her practice explores the depth of the relationship between pleasure and austerity in the context of today’s excessive consumption and waste production."

she also won this years Archibald photography prize.

Killer, Vanila!

Vanila Netta Tensile Struts until October 7, Arc One Gallery, 45 Flinders Lane Melbourne


shula said...

This one is do-able.

I promise to try and check it out.

Looks great.

Beck said...

I hope you can get to this one,it's pretty rockin'. That said I'm working on the premise that it's not how many shows you actually get to, it's how many you INTEND to get to... and working in Flinders Lane makes it look like I get out much more than I actually do, getting to work is like exhibition window shopping.
By the way Amitabh said to say Hi.