St Kilda Uberalis


The ladies of hml will be heading beachside this week for an exciting show on at Uber Gallery in St Kilda. Always fans of the Self Portrait (think Cindy Sherman, Frida Kahlo) we are very keen to see YennY's photography and Vipoo Srivilasa's ceramics in My Self: My Other.
Both artists explore the nature of self protraiture in very different ways. Yenny has crafted a series of photographs in hotel rooms, creating different personas in the guise of beautiful but ultimately tragic women.
Those of you lucky to have met Vipoo will already understand that his exuberent ceramics are a true reflection of his wonderful and cheeky personality. The catalogue states that his mermaid is in fact his alter ego. We are not suprised at all as Vipoo has always struck us as a glamorous and mysterious maker we much admire.

MySelf: My Other Uber Gallery 52 Fitzroy Street St Kilda until October 8.


shula said...

dear hml, I wouldn't know diddly squat about what was going on in my town if it wasn't for you.

Ramona said...

ah shula we aim to inform and excite. Mind you there are lots of things we miss and we really only tell you about stuff we like - but being crafty chicas we reckon you'll dig it too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks hml for bringing wonderful makings into our humble houses. Calvin