I'm ready for my close up


BECK:I've always loved my polaroid cameras, and while I may not have managed to hang onto my childhood version, over the years I have given a guernsey to the varieties available at the local oppy to mixed success. While the pinstriped white 70's version boasts my favourite styling the 80's 636 model I currently favour has been just tops when it comes to picture taking. It was with this partikeler camera that I once started an overly ambitious (and hideously expensive) project aiming to take a polaroid picture a day for a whole year ... I think I got about halfway through February when I realised I could have afforded a new digital camera with what i'd spent on film so far... still there's nothing quite as exciting as the buzz and whirr of a polaroid photo as it exits your camera and I remain a big fan, if not also a big cheapskate.

RAMONA: I'm still using the same polaroid Sun 600 I got for my 13th birthday and despite being loaded down with all manner of new technology it was my trusty polaroid that I took on a solo walk through Venice a couple of years ago. Now remember I am not a good photographer and everything you point at there looks amazing but even I still consider these some of my 'best work' - maybe I am better off being square after all?


may said...

Hi!!Nice to meet you!!
Your picture's very beautiful☆
I'm happy, so I see your photo.

I like drawing picture. Recently, I tink that photo is very interesting. so I will get a camera next manth.then I want to stady your techniques.

I'm glad to see you!!
I come here again(^□^)/♪

Zedd said...

I treasured a polaroid of my Mum once that I cried onto when she was away and I missed her like a big sook, and discovered how interestingly the photos react to tears. Scratching gives cool effects too from memory. Though really, why mess with perfection!

Ramona said...

illustrator genius Ralph Steadman did a great book of polaroids called Paranoids. he manipulated the images while they were devloping and got some amazing results.