tastes like cardboard


This is how the typical hml brain train works. We are off to the film festival. We are going to see a documentary about American architect Frank Gehry. He made a cardboard chair once didn't he? It 's called the wiggle chair.

Hey I bet you can get cardboard from reverse garbage! I wonder how you build a cardboard chair? Not like the fancy pants gehry one of course - but a simple origami style shape stool by swiss designer Carine Imhof.

Sounds crafty to us.

So we've managed to find instructions on the amazing Design Boom website (they would not let us link up the page directly but if you type in cardboard in the search bar the instructions pop up)

We may attempt it. We may just waste another hour looking at Frank Gehry designs...

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Zedd said...

And if you like miniatures, you can buy for a pretty penny miniature designer furniture... I waaaaaaaant them!