a rose is a rose is a rose

It's been a funny old week here at hml headquarters. It's never quite right when 50% of the team has trotted off to warmer climes leaving the other to plod along in an Eeyore kinda way. On reflection we didn't do too badly and we might add the postcards from QLD still haven't arrived! But that owl teacosy will more than make up for the grey week.

Here are Ramona and Hope at their Rose Street Market stand last Saturday. The weather forecast was for hail and rain - turned out to be sunny and charming. We had a fine old time selling cards and drinking hot chocolate from the thermos. Hope has started knitting a market rug to keep our knees warm when we return on the 19th.

And gentle readers, I promise that is the last time I talk about the weather.


Florence said...

I used to live in a house on the corner of Rose Lane and George St, Fitzroy. Its good to know that the lane has become an arty place to be:)

Your stall looks nice, love the wooden boxes and blue baskets.

I once had an origami stall at peir 9 in Brisvagas for xmas 2003, just for fun. All my own designs too. I still have heaps of them and lots of origami paper to spare. I might have to ebay it or something.

Ramona said...

Florence why don't you open an Etsy shop? Origami jewelry perhaps?

oh and the baskets - on sale $5 IKEA! xxx

Shula said...

What, no more weather? But I work my life around your weather updates! How now can I ever hope to understand the world and my place in it without your grounding climatic condition reports?

You seem too young to be the mother of a 12 year old.

Liana said...

Ramona what do the "too young" comments mean to you?

I'm a little suspicious when I get these. Do they mean "wow you look so youthful and fresh" or is more like,"gee that old and yet that immature. Shouldn't you be more advanced in your career by now..?" Hmmm

Ramona said...

I look too young because i have a round face that hasnt changed since i was about 7 years old - I have literally had someone on the street stop me because they recognised me from 3rd grade! He had turned bald and fat - whereas i have stayed rose cheeked and noisy. unfortunately tho I'm still about to turn 35...mind you i guess that means that I'll be 40 when my daughter turns 18! good grief maybe I did start too young. As for career - I'll have to look that word up in the dictionary...