surf and turf


Favourite event of the week was the Childers Multicultural Festival, which included some fantastic moments - belly dancing nana's, while you wait diy tie dye, tin can craft, cwa lucky dip, the fairy floss ladies, pluto pops, snow cones and even a lederhosen wearing oomp-pa-pa band.

And who would have thought that the pick of this weeks eating would come from the faux 1950's styled coffee shop at the beach club cafe in Hervey Bay?

Or that us taking a break away from the sewing machines last week would mean that we'd be super inspired to pump out a bunch of crazy new letters for our Morphe 2 'alphabet soup'?

Now that i'm back with bag-loads of new crafty books, finds and ideas from up north we've got our heads spinning again... so much to do, so little time! And as usual hml headquarters is a of hive of activity. We've still got the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Art Fair, Morphe 2 bits to complete and the next Rose Street Market to prepare for. Tonight, Ramona and I are off to the fillum festival doing it documentary style. Saturday brings a morning tea hml pow-pow about next weeks adventures (including the opening night viewing of a new bollywood film again overlooked by the film festival program) and trip to the Art Fair. While Sunday will be given over to more popcorn fueled film festival adventures of the japanese all girl pop group variety...

Excellent. I'm tired already.


Florence said...

The Childers Multicultureal festival looked great. Lots of colour.

It must be the season for festivals cause brisvagas is having its International Film fest too:)

handmadelife said...

god this country loves a festival doesn't it? In melbourne not only do we have the int film fest once a year now we have the french, german, latin american, animation & childrens film festivals as well - I think it's all got a little out of control!
As for the arts festivals... how much time do we really need to spend in the speigeltent every year?

Shula said...

which bollywood film might that be?