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This week is all about the Film Festival for the staff of hml. Yes indeedy, annual leave has been taken, sensible shoes are polished and families are all but abandoned as we enter into the halloweed halls of The Forum, The Regent,The Capitol and er ...Greater Union. Highlights of our week will include 'Metal:A Headbangers Journey', 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John' and 'Jonestown'.

Too many movies just aren't enough. We must confess that we will be straying from the Festival Guide on Friday to visit the Immigration Museum to see the Bollwood Nights Exhibition followed later that eve of new epic 'Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna'.

Described as the Indian version of 'Closer' we are a bit beside ourselves because it has every single Bollywood actor we love! The brooding good looks of Shah Rukh Khan (cue Ramona swooning), the towering brilliance of Abhishek Bachchan (cue Beck swooning), grandmaster Amitabh Bachan, stunning beauty Preity Zinta and formidable screen goddess Rani Mukerji.

For the unititiated try to imagine a film starring Brad Pitt, Jeff Golblum, and Benicio Del Toro with Angelina Jolie, and Uma Thurman with dance routines and you'll kind of get the idea.

For those of you that just can't live virtually and must see some art in the flesh opening this week at Kick Gallery is ‘Deadline at Dawn', an exhibition of photography by Leigh Backhouse & Jitske Wiersma. This duo have put together a really gorgeous show of photographs that, dare we say it, are quite cinematic. Opening night is Thursday 7-9pm - better get in quick, we think it's going ito be a fast seller.

Image: La Friday Night 6pm by Jitske Wiersma

Kick Gallery Website
MIFF website


Shula said...

I have a group of friends who visit expressly to peruse my Sharukh Collection, they play the videos over and over. I personally adore Ajay Devgan, though I'll watch anything with Rani Mukherjee in it too. My all time favourite actress, though, is Madhuri Dixit, alas, retired since Devdas. No one (with the possible exception of Aishwarya Rai), has danced like her since. The big A is worshipped like Elvis in India. I'll stop now, I could go on like this for hours. Did I mention Sunjay Dutt? He's my favourite of all. Okay, I'm gone.

Beck said...

oh shula you are a woman after my own duppata! I too could just rave on (and i do) for hours about the joy that is indian cinema...I would go one bigger, Amitabh is actually a GOD over there. Yes Madhuri could really shake her tailfeather and Aish has magic hands, but Rani's enthusiasm always gets her over the line for me... (my firstborn will be named after her)the best dancer of them all however, hands down, is the numble hipped and double digited Hrithik Roshan... now THAT man can dance!

Ramona said...

ah yews but the rukh, the rukh has those dreamy eyes...sigh
Devdas!!! Devdas!!!

Shula said...

I must admit, Ramona, that if I had to take one film to a desert island with me to last the rest of my life, it would, indeed, be Devdas. I loved Taal, too, but I will never tire of Devdas. It was Madhuri's last tango, where she handed to reins to Aishwarya. Never fails to turn on the waterworks (in a tough girl, who Never Cries).

Hey guys, just after I made the first comments post, something in my studio fell off a shelf and onto my head, with your name on it. But you will have to trust me with a postal address. Something topical I brought back with me from India. Or should I just drop it at CVic? And it isn't a terrorist bomb, I promise.

I have two, and have been waiting to find someone to give the spare one to, who would actually appreciate it. And I'm pretty sure it's you two.

handmadelife said...

really could this be? this is just tooooo generous, tell us more!

Anonymous said...

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