hoots toots och aye the noo!


I had the great pleasure of heading off to the Childers Multicultural Festival on Sunday, where I came face to face with every crafters dream... the local CWA craft stand. WOOO-HOOO!!
What these ladies can't do with a knitting needle, crochet hook or devonshire tea just isn't worth knowing. While I was tempted by the array of barbie dress toilet roll holders, crochet covered coat hangers and cross stitch bookmarks it was this fantabulous knitted ode to The Simpson's Groundskeeper Willie that captured my heart and small change.
And given my highland background and his tartan trousers how could I possibly say no?


Florence said...

Sunday saw me off to the local annual Ein Bum Pin festival here in Sandgate, Brisbane, qld. You pipped me to the post with your knitted toy find. I brought back a pink knitted teddy bear, that I've name Henry (but she's a girl) and a knitted Banana in Pajamas!

Your scottsman looks fantastic. Go Toys!!

Shula said...

Just for the record, it's a Jean Greenhowe Design. I think I've got the pattern somewhere, if ever you decide he needs a partner.

Rebecca said...

I've just discovered your blog via the Craft Victoria newsletter(I live in Melbourne), and was delighted to read about your visit to the Childers International Festival which my Mum had just rung me to tell me about (she lives in Woodgate- down the road from Childers). So of course, I immediately felt a connection, and I do admire your choice of purchase- very international of you!

Ramona said...
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Ramona said...

Dear Rebecca - welcome to the world of hml! You'll quickly discover we'd go to the ends of the earth for a good craft find. Very convenient that Beck was on holidays at the time and could just pop down to Childers to pick up her extraordinary Scotsman! Say cheerio to your mum for us too.