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Haasch lamp - Junk-IT 2006

The ladies of hml love recycling, and if we can refigure, re-wire or re-invent a piece of rubbish into a nifty craft work then we are very, very happy campers. Call it the great tradition of Australian invention, call it suburban arte povera, or just call us cheap, we just cant help ourselves.

Serious reverse garbage officiandos like ourselves just cant walk past a peice of rusted tin, broken tennis ball or tree cutting without wondering what we could make out it. It appears that this is not just a southern state phenomenon. And seeing as at least one of the hml team is currently on tour interstate enjoying the tropics we thought it only proper that we feature something on our northern neighbors...

Rebecca Ward - Junk-IT 2006

Junk-IT is an exhibition being held by Brisbane's Reverse Garbage and "will feature lamps, handbags, jewellery, clocks, key rings, note books, even an interactive shooting gallery sculpture, all crafted from computers parts that were destined for landfill". A most excellent sounding show, and well worth a visit.

296 Montague Road West End - until August 12


Mike Kline said...

Awesome site! I reuse plaques and things to recognize performance and have some fun! I just wrote a crazy recycle entry in my blog. Check it out. See Mike's pictures on the left nav for some of my recycled art.

Shula said...

Love the necklace. Ramona keeps making comments about how cold she is. I'm concerned. Could she be suffering from Left Down South And It Sucks Syndrome?

Ramona said...

har har Shula - yes I am very jealous of my northern neighbours right now! And yes Beck has abandoned me for sunnier climes and qualtity time with her long suffering and lovely boyfriend! As I have neither sun nor boyfriend I can get very cranky in this chilly melbourne winter. But the days are getting longer and it is perfect knitting weather so I will try and stop whining! xxxR

Florence said...

We love it when us crafters can all get cross promote with our southern sisters. Rebecca Ward's jewellery is FAB. I know I can't get enough of it. The exhibition opening at Junk IT was great too..organic wine for all:)

Shula said...

You whine all you like, Ramona, God knows I deserve it(ask my long-suffering best friend, she'll agree with me). Besides, you have a badge-maker, that means you can behave however you like in my books.

I must confess, I've forgotten what weather without my trusty (15kg) bomber jacket might be like. I feel like I'm living in bloody Narnia.

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

hey- thanks for the mention Beck. next time you are in brisbane come visit us at MoB! don't miss our Ekka week on the blogs coming soon for more craftiness from the Great Northern!