oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Well here I am in (finally) sunny queensland enjoying the extra cheap pokie club drinks, and let me tell you there's a lot of kooky beach related craft and cement figurine work decorating this here beachside town. I might even go so far as to say that this is the home of the gnome, not too mention the tyre swan, concrete kangaroo and pink flamingo... and i'm loving it.

While all of the kitsch has been a delight, the most important personal hml moments came while visiting my Nanna. I've coveted her knitting bag for years, and she finally deemed me worthy enough to take it (it was a very special intergenerational crafting moment). Apart from being a very handy knitting bag, it's a super crafty family heirloom as she hand dyed and spun the yarn herself, and then knitted it up in the early 60's (four years after emigrating to Australia), and apprently my pop made the bamboo handles. She also gave me a"festival of Britain" embroidery sampler of she made in 1951, and some beautifully fine crochet lace made by my great-grandmother when she was sixteen. Priceless, and very swoon worthy.

Nana is part of a pensioner posse of crafters that meet twice a week over tea and sandwhiches. I came upon a stack of pieces made by said posse on sale at her retirement village at ridiculously low prices. I quickly snaffled this owly tea cosy for Ramona. There are clearly some very talented crafters on-site, and although I didn't get to meet her, Nana told me one of her friends is 90 and still making the most beautiful pulled thread embroidery you can imagine, even with arthritis and failing eyesight.

Now that's what I call living a handmade life.

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Ramona said...

oh lordy is that teacosy REALLY for moi? I can't wait! I can tell I am rapidly turning into one of those crazy ladies who collect owly things! hoot hoot