HML on location

Ok I'm here, finally I managed to get both my Father and my boyfriend off the damn computer long enough to get a chance to say HELLO from HERVEY BAY!!!

Ramona, you've done a most excellent job this week and i've got to say you looked an absolute treat in the "studio shot". Verrrrry Nice. I must confess I have been making nothing but pineapple juice, and avocado sandwhiches since I arrived. Nothing like a holiday. Still if it's any consolation it has rained solidly for 24 hours... I think Melbourne has the better weather at the moment. typical.

Regarding my on location hml duties: I have managed a couple of op shop trips and bought a few 'how-to' craft compendiums, a swag of hand embroidered 1950's style aprons i'm sure will feature in the next hml bake-off, as well as a couple of truly terrible postcards which should be arriving back in Northcote before I return - which should be quite a surprise for everyone because my usual effort involves posting them from work the day I get back.

Finally a big Congratulations to my better hml- half (Ramona) for her speech at Emma Davies exhibition opening, from all reports she stole the show!


Shula said...

Went and saw the Emma Davies exhibition (beautiful), flipped out over the hats in the back room (divine), signed up to CVic (bout time really), and came home with a Beck Wheeler doll (Life is Short).

And it's all you guys' fault.



handmadelife said...

we try to use our powers for good instead of evil Shula! And we know you'llget a lot of joy from that doll!
but bloody hell wasn't it cold on Saturday brrrr...

Sally said...

Oh, I am too tired and needing a break. Reading about other people's holidays makes me resentful and cranky. ;-)

Hope you are having an absolutely lovely and delicious time. :-)