Because it's all about me me me

So sorry hml readers. We know Thursday is always dedicated to what we made this week, we also know that it is Friday already and so we're late late late with our hml entry but quite frankly we made nothing at all this week. Well that isn't strictly true...

Beck has been making sandcastles and doesn't have access to a computer (something about none of them working when there is too much sunshine) and Ramona (ie me!) has been making a fool of herself in front of ABC cameras, trying to get ready for the Rose St Artists market on Saturday (do stop by if you are in Melb!) and staring at that basket of felt thinking about Christmas in July.

HML reader Jane (yoo hoo Jane!) suggested that I tell you that last night I made a speech at Emma Davies opening - that's making something right? But it wasn't really a speech more a rant about how cool people are when they make stuff.

Which this week by definition makes hml uncool!

I wonder what you all made this week? You know even if it was just dinner for people you love it was still a great act of creativity in this insanely busy world. Maybe you

made a bed
made a great cup of coffee
made a promise
made a wish
made a cake
made an effort
made someones day

no more speeches. geez I could have cleaned up the studio before the camera crew came...


Beck said...
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Shula said...

Hey Ramona! Rose Street Where? What time?

Ramona said...

Rose St Artists Market in Fitzroy off Brunswick street runs every saturday 11-5. I have a little stand of my cards and badges there this Saturday - so if you are in the area say hellooooo...

Zedd said...

I LOVE the idea of celebrating the making of things, right down to 'an effort' or 'a bed'. It makes my least productive days suddenly teeming with greatness!

Anonymous said...

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