zen and the art of astro turf elephants


HML took a well earned break this week and headed for the hills, well sort of. We took off in the trusted cherry-mobile and made for the coast, and kept on going until we hit Langwarren. We passed many an enticing op-shop along the way and it was only the steely determination of Ramona behind the wheel that actually got us to McClelland Gallery and Sculpture park by morning tea-time. People I'll be honest - if it had been me behind the wheel we would have been lucky to have made it out of the Dandenong Savers. It was however great to get out of the city, breathe some fresh air and feel the healthy squelch of horse manure underfoot, and the art on show proved the outing was well worth the long drive.

Louise Weaver's retrospective was, well, genius - breathtaking in conception, intent and execution. The Contemporary Japanese Painting was patchy, but it was a genuine delight to be presented with the waxy layers that make up the deceptively dark and dreamy portraits of Yoshitomo NARA, and damn if they weren't ten times the size we expected, and cack funny to boot. Although perhaps not as funny as Ramona thought Snuffy the astro turf elephant.

We also managed to pick up some much needed tree related material for our upcoming Christmas show and stuff our faces with some truly fabulous lemon tart.

A most excellent day out.

Of course we've also had our noses to the grindstone finishing up our piece for the Portholes Exhibition being installed this Saturday, cutting out the fabric for the rest of the crazy alphabet soup we're preparing for Morphe 2, and planning our Melbourne International Film Festival Tour. It's been a busy week.

Thank god it's Friday.


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