Leaving On a Jet Plane


Team hml are a bit beside themselves this week. One of us is having a nervous breakdown while the other is running away to Queensland for some much needed sunshine. We have so many things circled on the wall calendar we barely know where to begin.

two dates we'd like you to circle are this Thursday 27th July for the opening of three great shows at Craft Victoria.

Emma Davies: cross-polynate

We can't be be objective about Emma's work. Ramona wrote the essay and is opening the show and Beck took many of the images for the catalogue. having had a sneak preview of this beautiful exhibition we can honestly say this is a must-see. For our many interstate and international readers we promise a flickr site for you to peruse soon...

David Neale: Doppel Hangers

We have long sung praise to Neale's beautiful jewels. This is his first solo exhibition which promises to do considerable damage to credit cards around town. 100+ earrings are on display. Neale's interpretations of natural shapes are lyrical and clever. We are already feeling weak at the knees.

Richard Nylon: Millinery Delicious

harking back to the Open Bench series held at CV some time ago Milliner Richard Nylon will transform gallery three into his own studio. We may have to frock up to pay a visit, we'll use any excuse to try on some avant-garde headgear!

What else is happening this week? Well the Alphabet Soup construction continues, a stint with ABC tv (more later...eek!), Rose St Artists Market, Film Festival opens, oh and yes that second date we mentioned...

Porthole Project at Brunswick Arts Space opens Friday July 28 (drinks 6-9pm)

hml were invited to participate in a group show where each artist was given a pvc pipe and two weeks to create something amazing. The tubes will then be installed in a dark gallery and visitors will be invited to explore them by torchlight. Ours is a shrine to one of our favourite women - The Log Lady, in a piece we call 'The White Lodge'.

Craft Victoria shows 27 July 26 August

Porthole Project @ Brunswick Arts Space. 2a Little Breese St Brunswick. Open Thurs-Sun 11-5. July 28 - August 25

Previous Post about David Neale

Link to Emma Davies catalogue Essay by Ramona.


Shula said...

well, that warrants a live view, methinks.

Liana said...

Feeling very far away right now(big sigh).

Congrats. to all involved.

Florence said...

Now I see what those little trees where for. Go Log Lady!!

ma roulotte said...

wow, what a feast! 'looking forward to seeing the shows.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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