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This lovely burnished silver brooch by Melbourne jeweler David Neale came from the Cross Pollination exhibition at Craft Victoria in July-Aug 2004. The show was co-curated by Vicki Mason and Anna Davern, both wonderful jewelers themselves. The show remains one of the finest exhibitions of Australian and New Zealand jewelry in recent memory.

I loved the fact that David had modeled his brooches on weeds, examining their rare and quiet beauty. I only wear it on very special occasions. There is something poetic about wearing a botanical piece, like rosemary for remembrance. What would a weed represent? Beauty in the undergrowth perhaps?

I had admired David’s work from Fresh 04 (also at CV) and knew he was someone to watch out for. David’s work is appearing in this years Colin and Cicely Rigg Contemporary Design Award and also in a solo show at, you guessed it, Craft Victoria this August. I’m saving my coins to extend my Neale collection!

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Anonymous said...

David's Earring show will be very interesting and hopefully affordable!