Memento Mori


Umbra Sumus

The work of jeweler and taxidermist Julia De Ville is at once exquisite and shocking. Combining her two skills, a tiny mouse becomes a brooch, a baby bird is transformed into a gold stick pin.

It's all too easy to be repulsed, even offended by the work but keep in mind that these little creatures met their maker long before Miss De Ville met them. In creating jewelry around their small forms she goes some way to honouring their fragile lives and tiny deaths.

Her work is highly original and will challenge your expectations of what contemporary jewelry is. It walks that fine line between horror and beauty.

Sadly we only just discovered the show and today is the last day. We are certain e.g will hold onto several pieces if you don't make it in your lunch breaks.

e.g etal 185 Little Collins Street 167 Flinder Lane Melbourne City

Age Interview With Julia De Ville

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