a word beginning with....

Work has begun in earnest on our Alphabet Soup for Morphe2. We've pulled our letters out of a hat (Beck scored all the hard ones like P and R and Q, lady luck was not on her side!) and divided up our buttons.

We are particularly pleased with L for Luthor. He makes us chortle out loud. He's very serious - think Sam the American Eagle serious . but it's hard not to laugh at a letter with a denim boot and loopy shoelaces. Stay tuned folks more letters to come...(25 in fact, better get cracking!)

Morphe 2

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Shula said...

sigh.....just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I just realised who he reminds of...- the Flute from HR Puffinstuff. Genius!

Ramona said...
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Ramona said...

Oh my goodness he does too. See the evidence of our vintage is right there! We're never too far away from the aesthetic of our 70's childhoods.
good call!