farewell my lovely


Taking a break on Wednesday to act like tourists in our hometown, a favourite hml activity. We popped in again on the Colin and Cecily Rigg show, picked up a kozyandan print from Outre Gallery, squeezed in a toastie 'n' chai at St Jeromes for afternoon tea and finished up with another look at Elfrun Lach's exhibition Correlation at the fabulous Pieces of Eight.


And after a seemingly endless month the SPOD finally came down. All the care and attention we gave the Spod during installation was turned around and the bump out was decidedly less careful. It culminated in an quick and unceremonious dumping of all Spod related objects into the boot of Ramona's car so we'd have enough time to enjoy a morning coffee and canoli at Brunetti's before work. As you can see people it's all about priorities for the ladies of handmade life.

That being said we'd like to send out a BIG thank-you to everyone who posed, participated, helped out, visited and/or commented on the SPOD. The SPOD was all about community and your kind words and assistance really made us feel like we're part of one.

Of course we already have new and exciting things planned for the second half of the year. We are very excited to have been choosen for Morphe 2 - an exhibition of toys at Nest Studios in Adelaide. We were lucky enought to see Morphe 1 last year and were blown away by Carly Schwerdt's studio/gallery/shop/creativity hub in the leafy suburb of Croydon. We're going to make an alphabet soup. Above is 'N' for Nelly and below is a link the the NEST Website.

Nest Studio

You can also read Ramona's full review of the Elfrun Lach:Correlation Exhibition at

Craft Culture

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