this is not rubbish


This week we are going to travel over hill and down dale to get out to Manningham Gallery for the opening of an exhibition called Debris. Why you ask? In such cold wet weather, when the roads are slick, the air icy and hot soup's waiting for us in the staff canteen it seems crazy to drive to the outer suburb of Doncaster on a Wednesday eve just for art.

Pish, we say!

This isn't just any art. This is, and we quote the invitation, 'Art that recycles and recontextualises everyday objects and materials through processes of assemblage, (re-) contruction and installation'

Sound amazing to us. And we are intrigued to see what curator Edwina Bartlem has come up with . Includes work by Hannah Bertram, Julia de Ville, Mary Louise Edwards, Mandy Gunn, Donna Marcus and Lucian Perin.

This week also sees us visiting the studio of designer Emma Davies, building a shop for hml goodies (a virtual one of course) and making more of the alphabet for Morphe II soup.

Busy busy busy always busy....

Debris 5 - 29 July
Manningham Gallery
699 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster 3108


Anonymous said...

You got into MorpheII! Congratulations HML Team.

Shula said...

so, folks, did you make it to Manningham gallery? I ask only because I know that run, and it's not for the faint-hearted in this weather. I just did Maribyrnong to Berwick for my daughter's swing dancing this evening in peak hour, and it took 3 whiskeys and a bowl of rice bubbles to recover. By the way, we're in Morphe together. Best wishes, Shula

handmadelife said...

Dear Shula, we'd love to say we hit the road in high style but to be honest with you we didn't make it out the door. Lazy bastards we are. really. but we will get there. eventually...
PS congrats on Morphe2 - we checked out your blog - the stitching is boootiful. Excellent thimble action. Beck and Ramona