Kobyashi:Dog 1998

This week sees the hml team turn their attention to all things Japanese. We are so excited to be hooning out to McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park to see Painting For Joy: New Japanese Painting in the 1990's.

Beck has been banging on about revisting the Land of The Rising Sun for years now. If we had the cash we'd be jumping a plane today, but alas we are restricted to a week long virtual holiday. We are both such great fans of Yoshimoto NARA and his contemporaries that an exhibition of this ilk is just the ticket to brighten up our winter blues.

Of course while we are out there we'll be drooling over the Louise Weaver exhibition. We know many of you think we should be featuring crochet all week in her honour but we just couldn't learn a new skill right now - our brains are about to explode. We do promise to tell you all about it. And to learn how to crochet...sometime...in the future.

Weaver: Taking a Chance on Love 2003

Louise Weaver: Taking a Chance on Love 9-27 July

Painting For Joy: New Japanese Painting in the 1990's 9-30 July

McClelland Gallery 390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin, VIC 3910

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