Buckaroo Banzai


We'd like to introduce you to our lean green afro'd machine and craft find of the week. His name - AFRO KEN. He's graced my home for quite a few years now, and aside from being a super cool lime colored dude we're pretty sure he's the inspiration behind current Wolfmother look.

Now we recognise that he's not a hand made softie, but you have to admit he's a pretty crafty creature and apparently a good guy to boot. According to Wikipedia "He is innocent and blameless and always in a good mood. Afro Ken is always willing to try new things. Afro Ken is attracted to objects that look like he does. His hair changes to look like these things as he gets close to them."

Whoa! that's quite a skill people, and goes some way to explaining why my particular Afro Ken is covered with soy beans and named Edamame Ken. After all, i'm the in-house vegetarian. I imagine when Ramona gets her own Afro Ken, he'll be covered in bacon and steaks and called Kobe Beef Ken.

Just so you know, there is an Afro Ken Family Tree with other dog characters who have names such as Techno Ken, Charisma Ken, Funky Ken, Lord Ken, Super Afro Ken, and Normal Ken, some of which are displayed below. Unlike the others, Normal Ken does not have wild hair.

shame really.


Ramona said...

I think I should name mine Jerky Ken. I have a soft spot for Normal Ken too - poor old sausage. mmmmm sausage...

Shula said...

LOL. There's also Offal Ken (who's particulary offal), Giblet Ken...I should contact the company, I think they need me... Tripe Ken.....Steak and Kidney Ken....I won't sleep tonight, I know it.