Strung Out


Well dear readers as you know the hml team have been going crazy over string this week which has been remarkably interesting! We've also been gazing into our crystal balls to try and imagine how to make our ever growing list of ideas a reality (Christmas show! Morphe 2! Podcast! Teaching!)
This little woodsy glade is something we have created for a group show enigmatically titled 'Porthole' at the Brunswick Arts Space next month. The trees only stand about 8 cm tall and the foliage was painstakingly applied using the most amazing glue called 'hob-e-tac'.

We rediscovered our love of the hobby store. It was quite a conversation choosing these trees. They did have premade ones but as the friendly chap (who looked alot like santa) behind the counter said 'truly realistic trees have to be made individually by hand'. No truer words were said.

Can't tell you too much about the piece. If you really want to know maybe you should talk to the Log Lady...


Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

ramona- love your blog and love the log lady. her log told me a secret about your piece but i think it was just stringing me along.

handmadelife said...

Thanks Ms Wrecker - Beck and I are v v proud of hml and we are so glad you like it. We are both impressed by that dynamic and geeky brisbane circle of bloggers -really entertaining - R

AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection