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We've given you an 'installation day' teaser pic but you'll have to wait until Thursday for the final shots to come online. We are happy to announce that this exhibition is finally complete, up on the wall and ready for your viewing pleasure.

It's been a really interesting process. As regular readers would know we've put the show together in record time, and even we have been amazed at what we were able to accomplish in six weeks and manage to work full time, take care of kids, family and friends all at the same time. But that is what a handmade life is all about isn't it? Finding those pockets of time to get things done.

Having such a tight deadline meant that we had to approach the work systematically in week by week chunks. We made lists, we ticked things off, we got it done. We hope you enjoy it.

Those of you in Melbourne can see it at

The City Library 95 Flinders Lane Melbourne City. Today until June 27.

Those of you interstate, overseas, or interplanetary can view images here at HML as we give you a daily serve of SPOD. To the right of the page are week by week links to the SPOD story - an epic tale in bitesize portions.

The HML team are speaking at a forum on Thursday Night as part of The Scarf Festival. We'd love to see you there -


People love craft and craft loves poeple. The panellists in this conversation all nurture an audience for their work, whether directly through performance or by creating an online presence for global interaction. But how does craft, with its close connection to the hand and to materials traverse the world wide web and how does craft's relationship to skill manifest during a performance?

WHERE: City Library seminar room

Level 1, 95 Flinders Lane Melb City

WHEN: 6-8 Thursday June 8

COST : Gold Coin

Book through Craft Victoria on 9650 7775

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