presto magneto!


Installing the SPOD show was going to pose a great challenge. We couldn't impact the walls at all and we had 26 unframed poster size photos to hang. We had known about Magnart for a long time and had been recommending it to everyone facing the same installation challenges. It wasn't until we used it ourselves that we realised that this neato invention had the potential to change the way we hang EVERYTHING!

It's a three part system, an adhesive tab (that just rolls off the wall when you are done) a metal backing plate and then a rare earth magnet. These are super strong and could easily hang much thicker prints or even textiles. You place the work between the backing plate and the magnet, kind of like a clamp system. It meant not only were we not damaging the walls but we werent damaging the photos either. It made a tough job super easy and we had the pics up in a flash.

speaking of flash the Magnart website is supercool and has links to how you can purchase online. We really can't recommend it highly enough


For all you spod watchers SPOD goes live this afternoon on Bert Newtons Family Fued on channel Nine 530pm.

The HML team are speaking at a forum on Thursday Night as part of The Scarf Festival. We'd love to see you there -

People love craft and craft loves poeple. The panellists in this conversation all nurture an audience for their work, whether directly through performance or by creating an online presence for global interaction. But how does craft, with its close connection to the hand and to materials traverse the world wide web and how does craft's relationship to skill manifest during a performance?
WHERE: City Library seminar room
Level 1, 95 Flinders Lane Melb City
WHEN: 6-8 Thursday June 8
COST : Gold Coin
Book through Craft Victoria on 9650 7775

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