pins, plinths and polar fleece


After all the excitement of celebrity spodding last week it was back to the Janome to finish off the last of the pieces needed for installation next week.

We had the onerous task of trying to bind six numbers with red yarn a deceptively problematic undertaking that almost defeated us. It had seemed such a brilliantly simple idea as we filled our basket with craftwood in Spotlight, but proved by far to be the most difficult part of the exhibition. you know that saying about working with children and animals, well handmade life now has one about string and wooden numbers.

We did however rediscover our love of polar fleece, and were even more excited to discover that you can now buy fused, double sided polar fleece in contrasting colors... the world is truly a magical place. Anyway the finished product worked out a treat, and for your viewing enjoyment we present the official Spod 'info pod'.

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