It's the wool-uff... it's the wool-uff


BECK: I bought Wolfie back in early 2005 when I clearly had no no business and no budget for buying artwork. However, the devilish combination of Jenny Bartholemew's creative genius, her grandmother's fur stole, and a leather gardening glove left me breathless, pierced my soul and destroyed my savings.
I couldn't live without him.
His underpanted grimace makes me laugh out loud every time I look at him, and there's this weird noise like a muppet with gastro I cant help making straight after I laugh...
Quite Pavlovian really.
I wanted to write a haiku in his honor, but while I might take a great photo, I'm no poet, and I know it.
If there are any readers out there who wanna give it a crack zen style, get on board and give me your best seventeen sounds, and I promise to recite them to the wolfman himself.

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the woodcutter said...

a glove that is worn
the fur stolen and stuffed
like old grandma wolf