who's afraid of the big bad wolf?


The Girl Who Cried Wolf

This week HML will be carrying our baskets through the woods all the way to the edge of the country (St Kilda) to see new work by Cecelia Fogelberg (we hear there is a two headed wolf beast suspended from the ceiling). We're also looking forward to seeing a red riding hood of leather by Beata Batorowicz. Also some incredible prints and a werewolf costume fashioned by the very talented Jazmina Cininas.

It has inspired a whole week of Wolf here at Handmade Life, and yes even Hugh Jackman may make an appearance (insert howl here).

Exhibition runs until May 25. Linden St Kilda Centre for Contemporary Arts. 26 Ackland Street St Kilda.

Pic Above: Daughter Hood by Beata Batorowicz 2004

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